MachinesSimulator X SoMachine (Schneider) Connection

Started by ROGER, May 28, 2024, 03:51:10 PM

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I've just completed my PLC programmation in LD with the SoMachine program.

I'd like to connect the I/O drivers in order to simluate the process with a MachinesSimulator machine.

Anyone could advice me how to do it? I'm not able to interconnect them and make MachinesSimulator read my program.



Thanks for the fast support

I saw this video previously but this works for the somachine basic.

I need it for the "SoMachine v4.3" (not "SoMachine Basic")


You must use also the Modbus driver connection, but adapted for this software version.


I've trying to do so, but it has not been possible.

If you could help me somehow, that would be awesome honestly.

It's pretty important for me. Thanks


Here you have other examples made by other users that could be useful for you: