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Using a Phone to manage remote I/O

Started by EasyPLC_Master, November 08, 2009, 04:11:42 PM

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In this tutorial we learn how to connect a phone, pda or others devices with internet acces to manage the inputs and outputs remotely.

We need the EasyPLC registered version because we are going to use the TCP/IP external driver.

Let's start:

We have several connection possibilities, using the same wireless net where were are going to connect the PC and the phone or using diffents connections, let's see the case for the first way:

Connect the Computer with EasyPLC and the phone to the same wireless net
In the EasyPLC computer make the following operations:
From the command prompt, type 'ipconfig' to run the utility with default options. The output of the default command contains the IP address, network mask and gateway for all physical and virtual network adapters.
Take note about the IP address of your connected physical adapter, in this case (image p6)

1 Click on Configure EasyPLC menu
2 Click on I/O Hardware
3 Click Tab Externals I/O
4 Check Enable Externals I/O
5 Push button Add New Driver
6 Push button Search installed drivers ... (image p1)
7 Click on EasyPLCDriver.TCPIP_Driver
8 Click On Select Button (image p2)
9 Click Configure Button
10 Click Option HTML Server
11 A new window called TCP/IP Driver Settings appears,Type a free Port (80 by default)
12 Type the inputs and Outputs number you want to manage from your Phone
13 Click Ok button from TCP/IP Driver Settings window (image p3)
14 Click Ok  button (the right side button from configure)
15 Click Change button
16 EasyPLC will restart to apply changes, now you are ready to manage this external I/O form your phone
17 To verify click on Configure menu, then I/O Hardware, click on Externals I/O tab and double click on the View cell of EasyPLCDriver.TCPIP_Driver (image p4)
18 A new Window appears showing all the available I/O here you can check if the conexion works OK (image p5)
19 Let's check the connection between the EasyPLC computer and the phone
20: lauch in your phone the internet browser and type the following (here you must insert your address of your connected physical adapter before seen)
21: now you must see in you phone browser the buttons showing the inputs and outputs, to activate one input press on the button, to read the ouputs state press on the Refres Status phone browser buttton

Now you're ready to manage remotely the inputs nad read the EasyPLC outputs in your Phone.

If you're using other connection mode, you must to know the IP address form the computer where is EasyPLC working, this IP must be typed in your Phone browser and you will be able to manage the I/O.

Thats all.

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