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"Batch process" machine

Started by nato76, January 26, 2023, 01:08:26 PM

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Is a possibility that there will be a machine for exercising the so-called "batch process"?
For example installation with:
- hopper scale "A" (load cells) with 10 dispensers (A1 to A10) with different materials,
- hopper scale "B" (load cells) with 10 dispensers (B1 to B10) with different materials.
The hopper scales ("A" and "B") weigh simultaneously and drop the materials into the mixer.
Dosing of materials ("batch process") is controlled by the recipes, in which both the amount (e.g. kg, litres) of individual materials and the order of their dosing are important, e.g.
1. A5 - 5.7 kg
2. B3 - 4.1 kg
3. A9 - 2.5 kg
4. A2 - 0.5 kg
5. B7 - 1.2 kg
6. B1 - 9.0 kg
7. Mixing - 3 min

1. B10 - 0.7 kg
2. B8 - 2.2 kg
3. A1 - 3.5 kg
4. Mixing - 5 min
5. B7 - 1.2 kg
6. A3 - 9.0 kg
7. A1 - 5.0 kg
8. Mixing - 3 min

There are a lot of such installations in the automation industry (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical,
chemical) and it would be nice to have the opportunity to practice on a simulator.



Because the goal of the software is to be a complete sandbox for automation simulation, it includes many tools to achieve many types of simulations for different industries.
In the included pre made simulations you can find some similar as you refer:

15 Tank Level
16 Ink Mixer

The Editor includes tools to be able to create a simulation as indicated in your message.
Anyway I also agree could be a good idea to include one like you explain in the included machines, sure I will add for next releases.

Thank you for the suggestion  ;)


The machine you speak about is already include in new Machines Simulator v.3.16.


Wow, that looks amazing :D  Very good job.
I will write you an e-mail about updating to v3.16.
Thank you.