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Cannon Parabolic Shoot

Started by EasyPLC_Master, December 21, 2022, 04:14:45 PM

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Control the cannon rotation on the X (left - right), Z (up - down) axes and the force of the projectile to hit the target.
Each time a shot is fired, a sensor system will inform the PLC the distance in X and Z coordinates from the hit point to the target, so you must to calculate the exact X, Z cannon rotation and the firing force to hit the target.
To increase difficulty, every three hits on target, the system will change position to a random one.

PLC signals used:

Digital PLC Out 0: cannon Shoot
Analog PLC Out 0: cannon axis X rotation
Analog PLC Out 1: cannon axis Z rotation
Analog PLC Out 2: cannon shoot force
Analog PLC Inp 0: cannon axis X current rotation
Analog PLC Inp 1: cannon axis Z current rotation
Analog PLC Inp 2: hit X position from target
Analog PLC Inp 3: hit Z position from target

Download the Machines Simulator machine from here:
Instructions: download the file and unzip it on your Machines Simulator MyMachines folder (by default: C:\Nirtec\Machines Simulator 3\MyMachines).
Important: in order to run this machine you will need minimun Machines Simulator version 3.14.6

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