Machines Simulator revision 3.14.4 available

Started by EasyPLC_Master, December 10, 2022, 11:22:48 AM

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A new revision for Machines Simulator 3.14.4 is available to download.

This new revision includes:

-> Components: Plane, Conveyor Belt1 & Conveyor Builder includes a new property (PhysicMode) to simulate best physics when moving WorkParts between components.
-> Model3D: now is possible to set a collisionable model shape. And apply movement over the WorkParts colliding with them using the new ApplyMovement node function (allowing to have special geometries customized by the user by importing their own 3D models).
-> KeyFrame Animator: in nodes coding is not necessary to set the animation name manually, now only is necessary to choose it form the drop down list.
-> KeyFrame Animator Events: new feature to add events and fire actions during animation.
-> PanelButton and PanelValue: now is possible to change the font and back color using nodes and script functions.

If you are a Machines Simulator 3 license owner, ask for your free update at or