Machines Simulator new version 3.14 released!

Started by EasyPLC_Master, October 11, 2022, 01:18:17 AM

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A new version of Machines Simulator is released!

This version has the following features:

- Physic Cables: add cables to your simulations connecting each side to any component, with physics behaviour!

- Conveyor Builder: create complex conveyor lines layouts in a very easy way.

- Factory Builder: create your own factory buildings with custom dimensions and sizes.

- Inverse Kinematics Editor: using this component you can create complex mechanical systems that will move in a hierarchy node structure following a selected target. Inverse kinematics is the mathematical process of calculating the variable joint parameters needed to place the end of a kinematic chain, such as a robot manipulator or any kind of mechanical skeleton, in a given position and orientation relative to the start of the chain.

- KeyFrame Animator: uses the technique to drawn each animation point that defines the starting and ending points of a smooth transition. These are called frames because their position in time is measured in seconds on a linear editing timeline. Using this tool is possible to make easy or complex animations without program any line of code then no programming knowledge is required.

-Two new scenes are added to test the user's programming skills: Sorting Delta Robot and Robotic Parking.

Demo video:

If you are a Machines Simulator 3 license owner, ask for your free update at or