How to import tags from Machine Simulator to Studio 5000

Started by CodeB4U, November 05, 2021, 06:11:43 PM

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Just wondering if there is a way to import tags from EasyPLC or Machine Simulator to Studio 5k.

I did the obvious. Open EasyPLC>Variables>Export Variables>saved to file location of my choosing
Opened Studio 5k>Tools>Import Tags and Logic comments

This is the text after I clicked on Import Tags.
Options: Create Tags=Yes, Overwrite/Discard Tags=Overwrite
         Overwrite/Discard Parameters=Discard
         Import New Comments=Yes, Overwrite/Discard Comments=Overwrite, Match by Rung Number=No
Error: Line 1:  Import Export version mismatch. Expected version is 0.3. Check Import Export version syntax.
Import aborted. All import actions have been undone and the original project content restored.


I am currently finishing up a python script that will be able to import the machine simulator tag file(.ios) to create both the drive.csv and the Studio 5000 csv file to import the tags. I will post a link to it in the forums when it's finished



You can import the Studio 5000 tags in Machines Simulator OPC Driver in the last updated version.
Here is a video where this procedure is explained by one of our collaborators:


Nice! My Python application will convert the ios file for a machine into a csv file that you can then use Studio 5000's import tags and comments option under the tools drop down to directly import and create all the necessary tags in Studio 5000.