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Simulator3 will not read the code from Studio 5000

Started by Lau, July 19, 2022, 10:06:09 PM

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Hi, I was trying to use the Simulator3 to run the code from Studio 5000, but it didn't work.
Detail how I do it:
I run Studio 5000 with emulate mode, and create module on Logix Emulate on one slot. Then set up the Rslink and download the code to the emulated module. Then I open the Simulator 3 to configure the I/O. It shows, Connected to PLC. but just not running the code, and no feedback to the code on Studio 5000. No error reported through out the whole process.
Can you guys provide any information how to trouble shooting it. Or, Do you guys have manual for set up the Studio 5000 to Simulator 3?