How to "mount" a sensor to a moving part of a machine

Started by Seabee, July 20, 2022, 04:04:14 PM

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I was wondering if anyone has added a sensor to an existing machine's moving part?

For example, I wanted to mount a photo-eye on the elevator in the 08 Stacker Example. In the editor, I added a sensor to the railing to detect that a box is present on the elevator.

It works fine until you move the elevator, the elevator moves but the sensor stays in its original location and doesn't stay attached to the elevator railing. Any ideas???



Hi Seabee!

Normally for the machines you can design, is enough parenting the components in the Hierarchy tree in order to attach the child component with their parent.
But in this case, if you parent the sensor with the stacker,  the sensor is parenting with all the stacker not with the elevator component of the stacker.

I will update a new function in order could be possible to parent any kind of component with the stacker elevator, in this way could be possible to make the functionality you comment easily.

Please stay tuned for news about next release in our forum to update the new version.