Machines Simulator OPC Drivers Update (II)

Started by EasyPLC_Master, May 27, 2022, 01:17:08 PM

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Now is possible to import OPC tags from CSV file (instead to write it manually or import from Server).
Download from here the two updated drivers:

- -> OPCDriver.dll
- -> OPC_Driver_Enh.dll

Unzip and replace it in the Drivers folder at Machines Simulator installation path, by default: C:\Nirtec\Machines Simulator 3\Drivers\

The csv file must to have the following configuration:

- First column the PLC digital Output tags.
- Second column PLC digital Inputs tags.
- Third column PLC analog Outpus tags.
- Fourth column PLC analog Inputs tags.

First row contains column header and is not processed, tags must to start in row number 2.

Included a csv template for import your OPC Tags.