Machines Simulator new version 3.10 released!

Started by EasyPLC_Master, January 04, 2022, 04:51:46 PM

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Machines Simulator new version 3.10 released!

This version has the following improvements:

- Now is available the Graph Code editor that allows to program the machine and machines components behavior using a Graphic Code Scripting language, very useful for non-programmers users that don't have programming skills. Using this feature users could easily customize and create their own machines without programming any line of code

- There are three new machines to practice PLC Programming:

    21 Wheels Factory
    22 Pneumatic Synchronization
    23 Paint Line

- EasyPLC now includes bit shift operations using the Register Transfer Coil.

- A new driver is available to use a Siemens LOGO PLC (a lost cost mini-PLC) to connect with and use it to manage the MS machines.

- The Liquid Tank is taking into account the static head pressure of the liquid, then acts more realistic to implement a PID system.

- Now the paths for the Machine files and User Defined Components are more are accessible, now there are in the main folder of Machines Simulator instead inside the ms3bin_Data folder.

- Some minor bugs corrected.

YouTube presentation video:

If you are a Machines Simulator 3 owner, ask for your free update at