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Using the External Libraries

Started by EasyPLC_Master, April 09, 2010, 04:27:39 PM

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From version 1.3.1 its possible to use a new tool to give more power to Machines Simulator simulations. These tool are the external libraries, and allows to create components with Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2005 to be used in the installations code or in the User Defined Components code.

Here is showed an example of how to create model animations to insert in our simulations.


Hi Master,

Do you still have the sample file of this beautiful model animation?
Can you share it and I will have a look and learn from it, I want to add it on my sample machine simulation.



This is an example about how to create external libraries for Machines Simulator
Due is a high-level programming, I explain these methods in advanced trainings customized for customers.
Anyway if you are interested I can provide you the library to insert the model animation in your machines, but if you're interested in learning how to do these libraries, I recommend you to ask for a customized training for you or your company.


Hi Master,
Can i have a library of this, i will first show it to the team and let them decide if we need/will go for the training.
I will show it first.

Thank you!