Machines Simulator new version 3.8 released!

Started by EasyPLC_Master, January 08, 2021, 10:44:17 AM

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A new Machines Simulator version is available!

Machines Simulator 3.8 has new improvements as:

- Much easier management of Robots and Gantries through direct movement with Inverse Kinematics.
- New model libraries with new functionalities with physical collisions
- Conveyor  belt includes a digital incremental encoder (two phases quadrature encoder) and PLC analog output speed management.
- Two new machines included: palletized loading gantry and engine assembly robot
- (Update in v.3.8.3) UCC WorkParts type can now execute script code (see new available machine Ink Mixer)

Machines Simulator VR 1.8 includes new improvements as:

- New movements features (walking and fly mode)
- Support for Oculus Quest & Quest 2 using the Oculus link cable or Air Link.

If you are a Machines Simulator 3 owner, ask for your free update at