Machines Simulator


Machines Simulator offers a virtual 3D world with real time graphics and physics where the PLC programs can be tested.

You can create your own machines or use some of the different predefined machines installations.

Select the necessary components from the Machine Simulator editor library to build your machine, configuring the Input/Output assignments and the specific elements characteristics in a very easy way. In the editor library you can find different kinds of sensors and actuators like photocells, inductive switches, electric motors, transporters trays, elevators, and more.

If the components you need are not available in the library, you can use the components Editor to create your own mechanisms, devices, etc..



You can use Machines Simulator to test the EasyPLC logic programs or the PLC programs made with any PLC system, to do it, you must use an external EasyPLC hardware I/O Interface to communicate with the PLC and use the EasyPLC simulated I/O to interface the PLC signals with Machine Simulator.

If you use the USB OPTO RLY88 card, you can connect directly your PLC or control system, with Machines Simulator without EasyPLC management.



  • PLC Robotic Control: Mange the 6 axis articulated Robot with the PLC, load the wood pallet with four boxes
  • Demo Machine: Gantry loader, fill wood pallets with metal boxes
  • Boxes Selection: Discard NOK size boxes and distribute the wood and paperboard ones
  • Brake Disk Control: Use the scanner to classify the brake disk
  • Containers Classification: Use the scanner to distribute correctly the boxes
  • Operating a charge and discharge process
  • Robotic soldering
  • Traffic light management in cross road: the cars will stop if the semaphore light is red, and run if is green. Avoid colisions!
  • Airport luggage System
  • Automatic turn table distribution
  • Elevator Control
  • 3 Axis Gantry
  • Automatic packed materials distribution
  • Do you want to create your own machine?, use the Machines Editor!
  • Do you want to create your own machine?, use the Machines Editor!
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Machines Simulator


Machines Simulator Editor

Machines Simulator in Action


Machines Simulator benefits for students

  • A great problem for automatism students is the lack of resources to practice the acquired knowledge. Imagine a virtual 3D world where you can practice with all kinds of machinery.

Machines Simulator benefits for professionals

  • Do not take a risk of damaging the machinery through a programming error.
  • Make the programs prototypes before the machine is concluded.
  • Show to yours customers how the system will work before being built.