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question about grafcet


Is there some code in grafcet to jump to a step?
Par example in each step checks if there is no error, if there in error go to initial step

By grafcet standars, to jump to a level you always must to pass by a transition.
But a level can have several transitions each one with different code, then I believe you can use different transitions for each step you want to add the special behaviour you tell me.

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Yes that's true,but this long way i know, but when i use the PLC software that i use on my work you have a special code to jump. Each step has some parameters (t,x,..)


When input 1 is actif you jump to step1.(you can jump forward and backwards), there are no extra lines you draw with transitions

If you want, i will post a screen

OK, but the problem with this commands is the spaggeti code maked.
Errors in this programming style are very difficult to trap, and the grafcet diagrams loose their functionality.
I prefer to write a little more and to have a more clear program that write minus and have more difficult programs to read an debug.
Anyway I take note about your suggestion and in the future versions if there are more users interested on this feature I can add it.


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