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How to create an EasyPLC External Driver with C++

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Can you give me an example how to create a driver with borland builder C or Visual Studio C
Normaly I have to make a lib file from the InterfaceIO.dll with implib
Then I have to write a header file with the external functions and import the lib file
Any example will help


In the EasyPLC Regsitered version documentation, a couple of Visual Basic 6.0 examples are provided about how to create a External Driver for EasyPLC.
If you wan to use other programming language you must to be sure this language supports the ActiveX/COM Microsoft technology. Obviously Visual Studio C supports it. You can find in Internet a lot of examples of how to create a ActiveX/COM libraries with Visual Studio C, for example a good tutorial can be found on:
Then with the EasyPLC documentation help and this tutorials is possible to create the needed libraries.
Anyway if you still have problems comment me and I will try to provide some examples.


Can you give me some example(s) how to interact with the TCP/IP external driver ,maybe this is a possibility to communicate with my environment.
I have written a few communication programs to interact with siemens S7 hardware and S7 PLCSIM software plc.
If I can sent the IO with TCP/IP client it would be great!

All help is welcome, Thanks

The provided TCP/IP external driver has a closed protocol, this means that is designed to communicate two remote PC's running each one EasyPLC with this driver, one configured like server and the other like client.
Also with this driver is possible to manage the EasyPLC declared I/O remotely, configuring this driver like HTML server, then with some electronic device with internet acces is possible to manahe them.
If you want to use a specific TCP/IP protocol, you must to create your own External Driver. With Visual Basic using the winsock control provided by it, is very easy to do it. You can find on Internet a lot of documentation about the Visual Basic winsock control.

Sorry but I am not that strong to start with it, if you can provide me with any little example in c visual studio to communicate
with machines simulator by a little prog to activate a input/output channel I would be very happy.
I can translate visual c++ example to Borland c++ builder,cos thats the environment I work with.
Borland C++ Builder has ActiveX/Com possibilities.
I made lots of communication drivers with a little help of the authors, It would be a fine extension to your programs!
I worked with Trysim for many projects but yours is much more realistic! I hope you work on it for a long time and extend it with lots of possibilities! 
From the moment I can write a gateway I make a uni-driver for different plc's and off course plcsim from Siemens! and even with a opc client.
( 8) I will pay for it if necessary ,sent me a mail with your prices.)

Thanks in advance


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