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Help with Phidgets
« on: May 30, 2010, 05:04:25 PM »
I am having some problems with EasyPLC and Phidgets.  I am using EasyPLC ver 4.7.7 on a Dell Inspiron 6000, 2 GB RAM running Windows XP SP3.

1. Webservice Version Mismatch

I had originally installed the Phidget-x86_2.1.6.20100504 driver, which uses webservice version 1.0.6.  The EasyPLC Driver reports "Version Mismatch; webservice: 1.0.6:32771". The Phidget Webserver verbose output reports the following:

[13] - Version mismatch - webservice verion: 1.0.6, client version: version=1.0.3
[14] -  Either the webservice, phidget21, or both need to be updated to these versions match
[15] - Authentication failed or bad version - closing connection

I uninstalled the Phidget driver and installed the 20090917 version that has the version 1.0.3 Webservice, and that seems to work.

Are there plans to update the EasyPLC webservice client to work with the current Phidgets version?

2. Using Other Phidget USB Devices

I am having trouble getting EasyPLC to recognize Phidgets other than the 8/8/8 Interface Kit that plug directly into the USB port, namely the 1051 Thermocouple and the 1052 Encoder. The Phidget Webservice recognizes all three of these devices. Here's the initial verbose output:

Starting service with Port: 5001 ServerID: PhidgWS Password: sa

[1] - InitializeZeroconf Seems good...
[2] - zeroconf_advertise_ws success
[3] - Got a reply for PhidgWS._phidget_ws._tcp.local.:
[4] -   Name now registered and active
[5] - zeroconf_advertise_phidget success
[6] - zeroconf_advertise_phidget success
[7] - zeroconf_advertise_phidget success
[8] - Accepted
[9] - Authenticating...
[10] - calculated password hash: 9ad702811d2ce70e95d0ee65b29e4ed5
[11] - recieved password hash: 9ad702811d2ce70e95d0ee65b29e4ed5
[12] - Got a reply for Phidget InterfaceKit 8/8/8 (117133)._phidget._tcp.local.:
[13] -   Name now registered and active
[14] - Got a reply for Phidget Encoder 1-encoder 1-input (29556)._phidget._tcp.local.:
[15] -   Name now registered and active
[16] - Got a reply for Phidget Temperature Sensor (82898)._phidget._tcp.local.:
[17] -   Name now registered and active

All of the devices appear in the EasyPLC Configure Driver dialog (see attached screenshot), but the Encoder and Temperature Sensor both report 8 inputs, outputs and analog inputs, and Phidget verbose output reports several I/O errors:

[18] - Accepted
[19] - Authenticating...
[20] - calculated password hash: 82be21e786eb3919dc48bd073bdb11e0
[21] - recieved password hash: 82be21e786eb3919dc48bd073bdb11e0
[22] - Open Phidget
[23] - Phidget Open: (Client:, (Device: PhidgetInterfaceKit, Any Serial)
[24] - In close Phidget
[25] - 05/30/10 11:33:16 1/WARN I/O error sending result: Socket operation on non-socket; closing session
[26] - Actually closing Phidget
[27] - 05/30/10 11:33:16 3/WARN I/O error sending result: WSA error 10054; closing session
[28] - Phidget Close: (Client:, (Device: PhidgetInterfaceKit, Serial Number: 117133)
[29] - 05/30/10 11:33:16 3/INFO done - session closed

How do I get EasyPLC to correctly recognize these other Phidget devices?


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Re: Help with Phidgets
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2010, 08:47:38 PM »
Hello MarkS,

I send you by email the instructions about how to configure the Phidgets I/O devices with EasyPLC.
EasyPLC incorporates the neccesary libraries to work with this devices (see the lib folder of EasyPLC) and is not necesary to download and install the latest libraries provided by Phidgets, this is due because Phidgets launch new releases of their libraries vey often and this requires to update also the EasyPLC External drivers for Phidgets devices.

The drivers for the Phidgets InterfaceKit are installed with EasyPLC by default, but if you need to communcate with other Phidgets devices you should ask it via e-mail and will be sent to you (only registered users).

About the errors in Encoder and Temperature devices, are now solved.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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