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Help to fit "PhysicScale" to model bounds



I'm looking for a simple way to shrink the "PhysicScale" to my model bounds.
I found that it is very difficult to do this manually.


I suppose you refer to Static, Dinamic and Workparts components.

For these components, if you change the model property, you have two different scale systems, the PhysicScale and the ModelScale.
The PhysicScale sets the collider size for the component, the ModelScale sets the visible scale, and these are different in order to give more flexibility to the system. This is useful for complex systems where is necessary to mix components with different behaviors.

Then if you want to change the scale of these components, you can do as follows:

1) When you create the component, the PhysicScale fits perfectly their shape (C1.gif)
2) If you change the model property, the selected model probably will have a different size (C2.gif)
3) You can change the ModelScale property to fit the physical shape (C3.gif)
4) Or you can change the PhysicScale to fit the model shape, in this case you will see that the PhysicScale has priority and changes the Model size, then change the ModelScale again to fit the PhysicScale, repeat again this process until you get the desired size (C4.gif)

Hope this helps you!


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