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Hello Friends!

We are very proud to announce the release of the new generation of the software Machines Simulator.
This new software has been decided to call it Machines Simulator 3.
For historical information, Machines Simulator has been in the market for 10 years, and we think that, 10 year after, is a good event to release a total new redefined software more adapted to new times.

This new release (Machines Simulator 3) is a total new product, rewritten from zero, with a new graphic and physic engine, more powerful and updated to new platforms. For this reason we have decided to change the commercial name from Machines Simulator to Machines Simulator 3 (Not very original , we know it ;))

This makes that we cannot apply the same update policy we have applied the last 10 years, where we offered all the new version releases totally free to our customers, please consider we have worked very hard with this new product (the last two years) and we need an economical support to continue working on this market.

Also we have decided to change the register options, due the single PC license has done a lot of headaches, when customers change their PC OS or motherboard, the single PC license doesn't' work due the software considers the PC has changed, then we have decided to eliminate this option, then now only is available the USB License, where you can execute the software in each computer where you the software is installed and the USB Key is connected.

But to compensate for this change, we decided to lower the prices to offer the USB license at the same price as the previous license of a single PC. Only the shipping costs will be applied, which will vary depending on the geographical area where they should be sent.

We have decided that, for the already registered users, we will apply a 50% of discount in the new USB License (for EasyPLC + Machines Simulator 3).

You will also have seen that the download of the demo version of Machines Simulator is not available, this is due the new product Machines Simulator 3 is not more available in DEMO version, only is distributed in registered mode, then you must to purchase the USB Key, then we will send you the USB License with all the software to be installed, please take count that the new software take more than 2.5 GB and is hard (and expensive) to download form our own servers.

We must to explain a new feature we have worked very hard on, the new software product Machines Simulator VR. If you are owned of a Virtual Reality helmet like HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality, you can enjoy our new product. We really think this is the future and we have adapted to it. How would you feel if you could enter literally in the factory you have designed?, now this is possible with Machines Simulator VR, design your machines with Machines Simulator 3 and come into it with Machines Simulator VR a real amazing experience! you can touch the parts, boxes, devices, pushbuttons, etc... activate sensors, inductives, photocells with your hands. You can test the logic behaviour of your machine in a new level thanks to this inmersive experience. And let's say the best, for a ridiculous price :)

Unfortunately, not everything can be good news, and there is a price that we must pay, this is the compatibility of old software with the new one :P
Due to the great changes that the new software has, as we have already explained it is a totally new application, it is not possible to open the systems designed with Machines Simulator with the new software Machines Simulator 3. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but it was a price that had to be paid to redesign the whole new set. However, we can assure you that designing the machines with the new software is 70% faster than with the old one, we have added a lot of new and updated tools to the new times, which allow to design more quickly and efficiently.
The new script system requires special mention, which allows us to program the behaviour of the components of our machines in a much easier and faster way, soon we will create videos demonstrating the new qualities of the software.

Finally, we want to thank all our customers, followers and collaborators for their support that makes us continue to offer a product with these characteristics.

Thank you very much!


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