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excuse my language but use google translated

I have a problem with simulator machine editor, when I place the objects I can not because there are "coordinates" that does not make me see what's behind.
there is no way to hide the coordinates?

thank you

Yes, press space Key when the component is selected, then the coordinates axis will hide.

Explained in the Machines Simulator Editor Help Guide (pag 7):

Components 3D Axis Tool
Once a component is created or selected, the 3D axis tool is showed in the center of the component. You can use this new tool
to move the components. If you make left click over the desired axis arrow, this will be highlighted and you can move the
component moving the mouse (keep pressing the left mouse button without release it). Also three planes are available, if you
click on it you can move the components in two axis simultaneously. Change the moving resolution pressing F2 Key.
If you press Space Key when the Axis is shown, you can hide it.


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