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Good day,

On the lifter machine, the pallets seem to go thru the rollers when you go up on the lifter. I've tried to go into component design and changed the collision to true for the rollers but that didn't help. And still falls thru.

Any other parameter I should check, or perhaps this has to do with the parameters on the pallet itself?

Thank you

I'm not able to make this behaviour, please can you send me some images showing the problem?
Thank you!

Here's a video showing the issue I am having.

OK!, I see where's the problem.
Before you go up with the pallet moving the lifter, you must be sure the pallet is locked by the lock system present in the lift rollers that move the pallet up & down. Then be sure you have the PLC input called PALLET_IN_STOP. Then the sequence is, when you loose the Photocell 2 (PLC Input 1) (Pallet has exit from lift roller1), activate lift roller 3 advance (PLC Output 4) until you have the pallet locked in rollers 3 (PALLET_IN_STOP -> PLC Input 4), then you can move up & down the lifter.
You can see how to operate the machine with the TUTORIAL button in Machines Simulator (available in the last version).

Ok it makes sense I knew I was missing a lock on the pallet, I just couldn't figure it out. I want to update to the latest machine simulator. I sent you an email about the updated easyPLC, mach simulator and step7 driver but I haven't received a response on it yet. And it's what's holding me back from upgrading to the latest. I had upgraded but my step7 driver didn't work, so I reverted back to the version where my step7 driver works.


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