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Hi Guys,

I want to learn how to change the properties of Water effects.
For my first step I used the Mixer.maq machine and change the color of water to black (successfully change).
Now my problem is how to change the color of the property water.Transparent. I want also to make it color black to make it more realistic.

Any help will be much appreciated. Attached here is the file I'm currently using.

Thank you!

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The Water component is designed to simulate water, static or dinamic (with waves movement) then is not possible to change its color (always blue).

Hi Master,

Is there any other way to have the effect that I want?
What I want again is like the mixing tank, but in my case I want black color to fill the tank.
So water effect is not a solution, what else can I use?

There's a lot of solutions, for example you can create the best texture that fits your needs, and use a Plane component then assign your texture.
Increase Y position to simulate the liquid/material increasing....
Hope help you.

Do you have a sample of that increasing texture.
Sorry! I can't imagine how it must to be input in a code.
It will be good if you provide me with a basic/simple one.

Thanks a lot.


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