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 hello everyone!
:'( I have Model_1(Base) and Model_2(advance/reverse)... What I'm trying to Achieve is , Model_2 is on top of Model_1 so that when Model_1(Base) moves, Model_2 will follow,
Model_1 can move on X_axis but cannot move on Z_axis and Model_2 can move on Z_axis..

I'm using the Wagon2 code (provided by admin on previous post) for base positioning..

Thank You in advance!!!!

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I'm think you want that Model 2 will be joined to Model1 and move in X axis with it, but also be able to move (inside the dimension of Model1) in Z axis, is it correct?.
Then is some similar to the behaviour of some components like the Robots (Scara and 3,4,5 degrees types) and also more similar to the Vertical Gantry Component. I recommend you to take a look to these components as example.

Can I have the Commented codes for me to study?? Thank you in advance..

attached is the cmp.
i have the base which moves on X_axis .. and I want the machine_1 to move Z-Axis through "Advance/Reverse" Button...
thank you very much...

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An important issue is: what do you want to do with the machine_1 component?, I mean the behaviour.
Must to push workparts? or must to transport along the X-Z axis???, this is very important to know in order what programming strategy to choose.
Also the models used by your component are not included in the example, then I can not make an idea about how to move or how it will look.
Other important item is about the model positioning, is useful is the component is static and not is moved, but in the case the component have to move, the model position must be always 0, otherwise you will be experiment problems in the 3D moving transformations.
Then I recomend you, the models you import in Machines Simulator have always the coordinate reference in the middle of the moving center.


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