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I have Machine Simulator v.2.4 .. On machine Editor, I cannot select items by cursor. what seems to be the problem?
and can  you please provide additional tutorial on using Machine Editor? The making of Wind Mill is good though.., like joining of parts? Thank You in Advance.. 

Do you have the Machines Editor version (see file properties with Windows explorer).
About new tutorials I'm working on it, in a brief I will released new ones.
Also you can open the created machines in order to see how the parts are joined.

I have v.  for Machine Simulator and v. for the Editor..
Yes, I am currently Using the created machines for reference .. I'm not good at C# Programming and trying my best to understand each codes. Thank You Again for Great support..


I recommend you to download and update the last available versions from our download area (keep your license.lcs file) the upgrade is free.
Also take a view to this video where is explained how to select items in the Machines Editor:

If I change the scale of the model it disappears... when i try to restore default scale it does not come back... zoom camera if it just changed positions but cant find it.. it really disappeared..


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