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question about easy plc and machine simulator


I am starting to get to know these programs but I just ran into a problem. I open machine simulator and start the automatic grinder program. I downloaded the plc program off the websitewhen i try to start the plc program from easy plc there is a message on the bottom that says compiling and then easy plc shrinks and disappears. how do I start the machine? how can I get easy plc back on the screen? when i try to restart easy plc from the icon nothing happens and I have to restart the computer to get it back

Ok I'm making a little progress. I see the icon on the task bar but i dont get the pop up menu when I click it. I am running windows 7

You must to make mouse right click over the EasyPLC tray icon (a chip image in the button right area of the task bar).
Then a menu with the following options appears:

* Stop PLC
* On Line Data
* On Line Program
* View Simulated I/O
* End EasyPLC
Remember that EasyPLC 4.x is only compatible with 32 bit Windows versions.
The new release EasyPLC v5 is compatible with 32 & 64 bit O.S. Windows, and will be released the next month. All the users that have purchased the software suite during the last three months will be updated freely!.


ok that explains it then I am running the 64 bit version. I look forward to the update and in the mean time i'll run it on my xp laptop


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